February 20, 2013

Chess Fork

In a Chess game we have a special tactic called FORK. Fork is a technique which a single chess piece attacks two or more chess pieces simultaneously. Most of the time we called this tactic is double attack. The reason behind is that is most of the cases fork happens attacking 2 chess pieces. But in some cases for can be happen on more than 2 chess pieces. Attacking chess piece is called by FKORKING chess piece & attacked are called by FORCKED chess pieces.

Major and most Common fork chess piece is Chess knight. When a Chess knight is moving all player should aware of forking situations. So it is bit hard to get forked by knight since all players aware of fork master.  Then we used Chess pawn for this tactic. We can use all chess pieces for fork attacks. But we get more chance or more benefit if we can use lower rank chess pieces for forking process. 

Knight fork is very powerful tactic and that may cause huge damage to the opponent like losing Queen or Rook.  Most of the time is one of the forked chess piece will be King. So we have to scarify major chess pieces to protect King. Also there are few techniques which can be useful to overcome fork situation. But that is more or less depending on the game plan.  

Queen fork is more valuable in end game situation. When we have more space in the chess board we can use Queen to attack unprotected chess pieces by making Check to King.

In Above image shows how powerful Knight Fork is. Opponent will lose Queen and Rook by few forks.

There will be few articles about Fork Tips in near future with images & steps. This article is only for basic understanding of Chess fork.