April 30, 2013

Pawn Fork Tips

In a Chess Game pawn is minimum valued piece and so many of player juts forget of pawn’s power until he was in fork attack. Due to this low cost idea & slow movement so many players will not see any threat from pawn. But keep in mind that pawn is very powerful with this pawn fork technique. I’ll explain few patterns which can be help to identify & how we can proceed with pawn forks.

Here is a very simple pawn attack. you can see that 2 Chess knights are in a row number 4 and locations e4 & g4. Now these 2 knights are going to be forked by f2 pawn. Just  a single step forward will make a very simple but powerful pawn fork attack.

Here is the Theory:
In any rank(row), when 2 chess pieces are standing with a gap of exactly 1 block apart from each other There is a possibility to get pawn attack.

Don’t keep chess pieces in a single row without any protection.
Don’t keep Chess knights  in a single row when enemy pawns are close enough.  

If you are in a pawn fork try to find a Check by using forked chess pieces.
Try to capture any other chess pieces by using forked chess pieces.
Try to get out one forked chess piece & place a attacking position on major chess piece like Queen or Rook.

Don’t make a pawn fork unless you can’t make a profit of it. Profit means that by time or points.

Sometimes we can’t find a pawn fork situation but doing small adjustment we can have it. I’ll explain how that can done in next article.