September 10, 2012

Chess King - (Chess pieces)

Chess King

Chess King

King is the most important chess pieces in a chess board. There are 2 kings in a Chess board & each belongs to each player. A player who plays White will has a white king & player who plays black will has a black King. Although King is the most important piece in a chess board it is very weak piece. Normally Chess King has a Cross on top of the piece as in the image. Also normally King is the tallest chess piece in a Chess board. Shape is almost closer with Queen other than Cross (+) Sing.

In the game Primary Objective is that to capture the opponent's King. When even Opponent's King been threaten you have to say "Check" to inform about that. So opponent will have a change to escape or protect his King. When the opponent's King can;t move to safe place or can't protect Game will be over. That is called "Check mate". Game objective has achieved.

White King's Start position will be e1 & Black King's is e8. King is always next to Queen at the Start stage of the game. The Chess King can move to a single square distance in any Direction (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) if that square is not checked by opponent. This is described in below image. in the image king is located in e4. Now He can move to any location by 1 Square. That means in all 8 directions since no black pieces around him to make him check.

Chess Guide - Kings Movements

One of the most important fact about Chess is that we can move our own piece to a square which is already occupied by our own piece.This is true for King piece as well. if we have our own piece on e3. then we can't move King to that position. But if that was a opponent's one Then you can remove him & cap occupy if that is not checked by another piece.

Basic Rule:

If we need to remove any opponent piece from the board we have to capture that piece's square by reaching or moving to that same square. Not like in checker, we are not going to jump over the pieces (Other than Chess Knight).Always a square is belongs to a current occupier. This can be a chain of attacks for a single square.

Next post will be about King Castling. Important fact in later stage game.



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