September 9, 2012

Chess Board Details (Positions, Coordinates)


Chess Board contains 64 squares and arranged in 8 X 8 (eight-by-eight) grid. It is shown in the image. it starts from a to h in bottom & 1 to 8 from left side. This is called "algebraic chess notation".
By using these 2 digits it can identify each square uniquely.

For Example:
a1 is the left- bottom corner square.
h1 is the right-bottom corner.
a8 is left top corner
Always coordinates comes in (xi) pair.
x - says which column
i - says which row

This coordinates should get identify & get familiar for booking the process. it will be easy to track back your movements easily. Anyway that is not mandatory to become a good player. most of the software applications do this for you. You only needs to understand what that is.

Let's look the Chess pieces positions. It is described in the next image. First row is for major Chess pieces. Second row is for pawns also called soldiers. As in real war They are the basic defense for major Chess pieces. There will be 8 pawns in the Second row. First movement will be one of the pawn in a Chess game most of the time. e2 pawn is playing major role in most of the opening.

Default Locations for each Chess pieces as below.

  • a1 - Rook 
  • b1 - Knight 
  • c1 - Bishop
  • d1 - Queen
  • e1 - King 
  • f1 - Bishop
  • g1 - Knight 
  • h1 - Rook

Some points  about this arrangement is that always Kings are in wrong Color square. That means White King is in Black square & Black in White Square. But Queens are in Same Color Square as the Payers Colors. Other Major pieces are in bot colors. For Example it have 2 Knights one is in Black & other is in White Square.
Also both players Major Pieces are located Directly in the initial stage. That means King to King in Direct Squares.

Next posts will be about each Chess pieces.


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