September 8, 2012

History of chess – Chess Origin

Chess History is driven for 1500 years back. It was origin in India. There was a Empire called Gupta & History says that He was the man who used Chess in Wars. Anyway Chess has a very old History. After India Chess had spread over to Europe with Muslims. It was 15th century. Then modern chess tournament has Started on 19th century. And the first world Chess Championship was held in 1886.

There is a story with the origin related to this chess pieces. it was called Chaturanga. Chathuranga is a Sanskrit word. it means to 4 kinds of military units. They are infantry, cavalry, elephantry, and chariotry. With these 4 Units they fought in the battle. Each of those units represent pieces that into the modern pawn, knight, bishop, and rook, respectively. Each unit has unique ability as them in real world.

By using these Chess pieces it needs to capture Enemy King. That was the Game & real plan of the war. it is called “Check Mate”. in the game it needs to say “Check”  before get him check mate. Those rules started after modern Chess. However modern Chess has started around 1400 and it has become a sport in 1851.



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