September 17, 2012

Chess Bishop - (Chess pieces)

Chess Bishop

Bishop is a Chess Piece in a Chess board. There are 4 bishops in a chess board & each player has 2 bishops in the Start. White bishops are located in c1 & f1 and Black bishops are located in c8 & f8. One bishop is in between King & Knight & other one is in between Queen & Knight. So we called them as Advisers for King & Queen. Always next to them. Bishop is a special chess piece which can't reach all of the squares in a Chess board. Each player has 2 bishops and we called then Black bishop & White Bishop without considering player color and only considering the Start square color. So White player has 2 color or 2 color controlled 2 bishops. So White bishop travels only in white Squares & black Bishop travels in black Squares. Keep in mind that is not Player's color but the travelling square Color.   We normally called them King's Bishop & Queen's Bishop. Also one bishop can cover Only a haft of the board

Chess Bishop's movementsBelow image is Describing about Bishop's is movements. He always travel in diagonally. Because He has access to travel in only one color.   Black bishop's maximum travel length is comer to corner. That is b1 to h8 as the image. also for White bishops will be h1 to a8. Same as most chess pieces bishop also can't jump over other chess pieces.

We normally say that Rook is more powerful than a Bishop. But Bishop is more powerful than a Knight. Bishop is a called a minor Chess piece. But he is more powerful in the End game. There is some stories with wrong Bishop. That means we need King's Bishop but we have Queen's Bishop. So that leads to a Draw just  because of this wrong Bishop matter. it is Better to keep in mind both Bishops are important. So don't exchange for Knights without having a plan.

In some games it will ends up with opposite color bishops. That makes very hard for the Defender. Also Some times Knights get better in Double attack called Fork.  Fork will be discussed in another post.


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