Chess Lessons

Chess Lessons

This page Describe how to browse this Web Site. Basically you can pick topics depending on your requirements.Even though this page has published, it is not Completed one. So please return back time to time    & check updates if any. Happy Chess browsing...

Basic Topics

This will contain very basic topics. What are the basic Chess pieces, movement styles etc...

  1. King
  2. Queen
  3. Rook (Castle)
  4. Bishop
  5. knight
  6. Pawn
  7. All in One (Describe in a snippets mode)

Special Movements

This Section will Explain special movements of some Chess pieces.

Techniques, Tricks & Tips

This section will be something most of you are interesting. But unfortunately it is the most hardest Section to explain. Because you all are smart enough to keep in mind once you get trapped. So this might work in sometimes. This section will be grown with the web site. 
  • Pawn Fork Attacks (Most efficient)
  • Who is Best
  • Night Fork Attacks
  • Bishops Fork Attacks
  • Queen Fork Attacks
  • Castling on Right time
  • Capture Main Road
  • Cover the Pawn
  • Knight Double movements
  • Scarify the Queen
  • Give me a Chance
  • Lucky Hit
  •  ...


This is for all other things. Some special articles, Special Comments, anything you should know & specially Chess Fun will be Describe here. Any post related will be added here with a comment.Sometimes it might be happy to read them....

  • Oh! my Queen
  • Opp! Pawn gone
  • Pawn is the Man
  • Kill me softly
  • My Bad
  • ...