September 12, 2012

Chess King Castling (Special Move)

Chess King Castling 

In the Chess Game we have a special action called "Castling". for Castling we need to obey few rules. Chess Castling it used Chess King & Rook.We have 2 Rooks on the board & we can do Castling with any Rook. But we are allowed to do a single Castling process or a action for a game. Also this is only movement we can move 2 chess pieces together at-once. So this is really special movement. There are advantages & disadvantages in this process. Also this is not a mandatory action need to be perform on a Chess game.

In some Stories it says that Castling is the process which maps with Kings escape. That means King is jumping over the castle to other side. It describe a King is escaping from the Kingdom through castle when Enemy has got attacked. Anyway When castling happens both Rooks are same side & king is bit safe depending on the situation.

Here comes the Rules:

  • The king has not previously moved. Should be in Original Location.
  • The chosen rook has not previously moved.Should be in Original Location.
  • There are no pieces between the king and the chosen rook. Clear Road needed.
  • The king is not currently in check. No attack from enemy at the moment.
  • The king does not end up in check.For sure this should be.
  • The king does not pass through a square that is under attack by enemy pieces.
  • The king and the chosen rook are on the same Row.This is true with first 2 get True.
  • Rook can be under Attacked
Chess Castling
We have 2 type of castling. King side castling & Queen side castling. When we use King's Side Rook it is called King Side Castling &  when we use Queen's Side Rook it is called Queen Side Castling . In Both cases King will be move in 2 Squares distance. Different distance will be for Rooks. anyway King will be end up with c1 or g1 for White Player. This is clearly Describe on the image here. it shows both Black & White sides and King & Queen Side Castling.
In this game White is doing an castling in King side when rook Ge attacked by bishop as well. it is possible. Keep in mind that.This is major mistake doing by player by having wrong idea.

Only King should not be get attacked. 



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