September 11, 2012

Chess Rook - (Chess pieces)

Chess Rook

Chess Rook

Chess Rook is a major piece in a Chess board and very powerful in End Game. In General we called it "Castle".  Rook is joining with the King for Castling process which is a special move in Chess game. That is the Only move we use in Chess which moves 2 chess pieces at-once. In a Chess board it has 4 Rooks which are 2 White & 2 Black in colors. White Rook original locations are a1 & h1 and Black rook original locations are h1 & h8. Actually those squares are the corners of a Chess boards. Rook travel in horizontally & vertically in a chess board. He can't jump over any chess piece. But he will do this in Special move which is called "Castling" which I have mentioned above. So this means Rook or castle can travel faraway at once. Maximum  travel distance will be 8 Squares. That is from one Boarder to Other boarder with a Clear Road.

Chess Rook
In the below image shows about Rooks Travel paths. Normally we called Rook as a Major piece. most of players consider rook is almost equal to Queen. Queen is the most powerful piece in a Chess board. Therefore we already get alarmed when Queen is moving. But that won't happens with Rook. Also Rook is coming to play in the End Game. it will get 5 points in Chess Score board for a Castle. That shows Rook has a major role. When Chasing a pawn This is the best chess piece in End Game. He can cover full row in Single move. So it is very hard to escape from Rook with End game.


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