September 21, 2012

Chess Queen - (Chess pieces)

Chess Queen 

Chess Queen Chess Queen is the most powerful chess piece in a Chess board. Actually She is a Combination of Rook & Bishop. So She can Travel through rows or Columns and Diagonally as well. Each player will have a Queen in the beginning of a game & She is next to the King. That is just as real World. Not Like King She owns her Color. That means her original or initial square is player's own Color. White Queen is in White Square & black Queen is in a Black Square. Also White Queen start with d1 & Black Queen start with d8 squares.   Normally we say that Queen Greater than Bishop - Castle Combination. Yes That is true. In the End Game Queen become a massive attacker. She can Check King for Continues Steps Until get Finished. So Normally Player are not going to keep opponent's Queen in the Board for Long time. All knows When She get a chance she will go for a KILL. Therefor most player used to exchange Queen in the beginning if they don't have a Great Plan. That is somewhat safer than Keeping Her silent.

Also we say that 2 Rooks are more powerful than a Queen. But Still There are significant benefits with having a Queen than a 2 Rooks.   

 This image shows a Chess Queens possible moves. Same as other Chess pieces (other than Knight) Queen also can't jump over any piece. Her travel Ends with any chess piece in her path. As you can see the image Chess Queen has a massive attack range all over the chess board.   Chess Queen is well equipped with Chess fork. (Fork is a double attack. This will be Describe  in a separate post.)

So When board get open too much She becomes a vulnerable unit.  Due to this points She became a target. Also novice players get killed their Queen in early Stage. There are several reasons for that. Anyway Experienced Players just keep Her Silence in the Start.   When Compare with Queen  with King is same possible moves in Direction. But King has power to travel  only 1 Square distance.  Keep in Mind Chess Queen made lots of Stalemates. That means a Draw. Sometimes you almost win the game but Queen has crush it.



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