October 6, 2012

Chess Pawn – (Chess pieces)


Chess Pawn 

Chess pawn is a Chess piece on a Chess board and know as the most weakest chess piece. This represent an infantry in Chathurangani Army. As old days soldiers are normally cheaper than officers. also the Chess pawn. Lowest Chess piece in a chess board. Due to this low cost we have 8 chess pawns in a Chess board on initial Stage for a player. So we have 16 chess pieces all together in First Stage of the Game. We have to move pawns to play other chess pieces other than Chess Knight. (Knight is always a Jumper.) White pawns are located in 2nd Row & Blacks are located in 7th Row. We use P to denote a Chess pawn but normally don't mentioned it. Movement of a Chess pawn is very Simple. If a pawn is not done any movement, means that he is in his original place He can either move 2 squares or 1 Square. This is a Special Condition. He can boost in the beginning step. Then he can only move 1 square Distance to forward. Only Forward. When he found a Chess piece in front of him he should Stop. He can't jump over any piece (Even in First boost Step). Also he can't capture a Chess piece who is in his Front. This means it is very easy  to stop a Chess pawn's Travel.

Chess Pawn Movement

If a pawn can't capture his Front piece how he can capture any piece? When capturing it must move diagonally. For Example if an enemy(Black) chess piece on d5 and own pawn is located in c4 or e4, now any of our pawn can capture that enemy chess piece moving through diagonally.   No backward movements. Also no backward capturing. a chess pawn can perform move in columns forward or capture enemy pieces diagonally.  This is somewhat special. movements & capturing. Anyway just like other all chess pieces we have to stay on captured square. Menas that no jumping over any pieces to any square.   what happens if a pawn reach the End of the board?


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