April 30, 2013

Pawn Fork Tips

In a Chess Game pawn is minimum valued piece and so many of player juts forget of pawn’s power until he was in fork attack. Due to this low cost idea & slow movement so many players will not see any threat from pawn. But keep in mind that pawn is very powerful with this pawn fork technique. I’ll explain few patterns which can be help to identify & how we can proceed with pawn forks.

Here is a very simple pawn attack. you can see that 2 Chess knights are in a row number 4 and locations e4 & g4. Now these 2 knights are going to be forked by f2 pawn. Just  a single step forward will make a very simple but powerful pawn fork attack.

Here is the Theory:
In any rank(row), when 2 chess pieces are standing with a gap of exactly 1 block apart from each other There is a possibility to get pawn attack.

Don’t keep chess pieces in a single row without any protection.
Don’t keep Chess knights  in a single row when enemy pawns are close enough.  

If you are in a pawn fork try to find a Check by using forked chess pieces.
Try to capture any other chess pieces by using forked chess pieces.
Try to get out one forked chess piece & place a attacking position on major chess piece like Queen or Rook.

Don’t make a pawn fork unless you can’t make a profit of it. Profit means that by time or points.

Sometimes we can’t find a pawn fork situation but doing small adjustment we can have it. I’ll explain how that can done in next article.

February 20, 2013

Chess Fork

In a Chess game we have a special tactic called FORK. Fork is a technique which a single chess piece attacks two or more chess pieces simultaneously. Most of the time we called this tactic is double attack. The reason behind is that is most of the cases fork happens attacking 2 chess pieces. But in some cases for can be happen on more than 2 chess pieces. Attacking chess piece is called by FKORKING chess piece & attacked are called by FORCKED chess pieces.

Major and most Common fork chess piece is Chess knight. When a Chess knight is moving all player should aware of forking situations. So it is bit hard to get forked by knight since all players aware of fork master.  Then we used Chess pawn for this tactic. We can use all chess pieces for fork attacks. But we get more chance or more benefit if we can use lower rank chess pieces for forking process. 

Knight fork is very powerful tactic and that may cause huge damage to the opponent like losing Queen or Rook.  Most of the time is one of the forked chess piece will be King. So we have to scarify major chess pieces to protect King. Also there are few techniques which can be useful to overcome fork situation. But that is more or less depending on the game plan.  

Queen fork is more valuable in end game situation. When we have more space in the chess board we can use Queen to attack unprotected chess pieces by making Check to King.

In Above image shows how powerful Knight Fork is. Opponent will lose Queen and Rook by few forks.

There will be few articles about Fork Tips in near future with images & steps. This article is only for basic understanding of Chess fork. 

January 9, 2013


The black king is checkmated; the game is over.
Checkmate is a state in a Chess game. Only one player can be Checkmate at a time means that both players can't be in Checkmate states same time. Player who is under Checkmate state is a looser of the game. Delivering checkmate is the ultimate goal in a chess Game.

Checkmate state is a position of a chess game & in this position one player's King is Directly attacked by other payer's Chess pieces. First payer don't have any legal movement to protect his King. Normally in Chess games it has a practice to say that "Check" before Checkmate movement. But that is not necessary. Finally it can say that "a player who is checkmated loses the game".

Most of the time players resign before they get Checkmate. Sometimes game will Ends without a checkmate. That can be stalemate or Draw. stalemate is a State which player don't have any legal move and King is not under check state. There are lots of tricks behind to reach ultimate goal. In that Major Chess pieces will play major role in Later game. Queen & Rook are the Major Chess pieces.

October 23, 2012

All Chess pieces in a Single page with their own movement patterns

Chess Guide:

This article will explain all Chess pieces in a Single page with their own movement patterns. All in One Style.
If you are interesting with more details please Click on the below link. That has more information about each of the them.

October 22, 2012

How I can select Color on a Chess Game?

This article will answer few FAQs related to color of the player from Chess beginners.

How I can play as Black Color?
How I can play as White Color?
Who is going to Start the Game?
Which Color will Start the Game?
It has a very simple Explanation:

There will be a draw before start the Game. Winner of the Draw will select the Color. If Winner has chosen White Then Looser will be black. Therefore Winner of the Draw will have authority to select the Color. That means Winner has the power to make First move or make opponent to make First Move.

White has to start the Game with First move.

How I can play as Black Color?
If you win the Draw invite to opponent to play first.

How I can play as White Color?
If you win the Draw just start to play first move.

Who is going to Start the Game?
White color player will start first move.

Which Color will Start the Game?
White color player will start first move.

Can I Skip a turn?
Nope. You must play on turn. If not time out will kick you.

What is the best move in Chess?
There is nothing called best move in Chess. All moves are very important.

Is there any time out for whole Game?
Yes it is. There won’t be any time out for Friends games.

Is there any time out for a move?
Nope. You can take any time. But it will cost you.

October 6, 2012

Chess Pawn – (Chess pieces)


Chess Pawn 

Chess pawn is a Chess piece on a Chess board and know as the most weakest chess piece. This represent an infantry in Chathurangani Army. As old days soldiers are normally cheaper than officers. also the Chess pawn. Lowest Chess piece in a chess board. Due to this low cost we have 8 chess pawns in a Chess board on initial Stage for a player. So we have 16 chess pieces all together in First Stage of the Game. We have to move pawns to play other chess pieces other than Chess Knight. (Knight is always a Jumper.) White pawns are located in 2nd Row & Blacks are located in 7th Row. We use P to denote a Chess pawn but normally don't mentioned it. Movement of a Chess pawn is very Simple. If a pawn is not done any movement, means that he is in his original place He can either move 2 squares or 1 Square. This is a Special Condition. He can boost in the beginning step. Then he can only move 1 square Distance to forward. Only Forward. When he found a Chess piece in front of him he should Stop. He can't jump over any piece (Even in First boost Step). Also he can't capture a Chess piece who is in his Front. This means it is very easy  to stop a Chess pawn's Travel.

Chess Pawn Movement

If a pawn can't capture his Front piece how he can capture any piece? When capturing it must move diagonally. For Example if an enemy(Black) chess piece on d5 and own pawn is located in c4 or e4, now any of our pawn can capture that enemy chess piece moving through diagonally.   No backward movements. Also no backward capturing. a chess pawn can perform move in columns forward or capture enemy pieces diagonally.  This is somewhat special. movements & capturing. Anyway just like other all chess pieces we have to stay on captured square. Menas that no jumping over any pieces to any square.   what happens if a pawn reach the End of the board?

September 26, 2012

Chess Knight - (Chess pieces)

Chess Knight

Chess Knight

Chess Knight is a chess piece on a Chess Board. Chess Knight also a very Special chess piece. It is describe as a Armed cavalry in King's Army. It is get shaped as a Horse Head in real world. Even though cavalry are the fastest unit in a real world it is bit different in a Chess Board.  Anyway He is showing his Hidden attacks pattern even in Chess board as real World. Each player will get 2 Chess Knights in the beginning. White Knights are located on b1 & g1 and Blacks are located on b8 & g8 respectively.

Chess Knight has a Special move pattern. That is not horizontally nor Vertically niter. Also not diagonally. That is actually 2 Steps. First Step Knight jump 2 Square Distance Horizontally or Vertically. Then jump a single Square Distance to Left or Right. See the image Below.  This is a Single movement. This explain Knight has a special movement pattern that all other Chess pieces.

Knight Movement

White Knight in the image shows his attacking power. He can Attack in 8 positions. The most Special fact is that Knight is a Jumper. He will not care about other chess pieces on the Road. it needs to be Empty or Enemy's Chess pieces on any of doted Square He can travel without considering all other facts.

Chess Knight is used in fork Attacks in Chess board very Frequently. He is the Most popular attacker in for fork attacks. Whenever Knight comes to play into the ground we have to very careful with his fork attacks.

Knight has same price to a Chess Bishop. Knight has not a long range but bishop has that. Even though Bishop can cover only a single color and Half of the board. But Knight can reach to any square. But it may be too late.

Another special fact is that When a Knight make a Check it must move the King or it must capture that Knight. We can not block him attacking path. If we get a Check attack from a bishop or a Rook we can block those attacks by using any of chess piece without moving the King. But that is not happening with Knight Attacks.

Knight is the Only one who can challenge to the Queen. Queen can't attack back or capture Knight at once.  Also keep in mind that Chess Knight is getting killed or trapped easily.