September 26, 2012

Chess Knight - (Chess pieces)

Chess Knight

Chess Knight

Chess Knight is a chess piece on a Chess Board. Chess Knight also a very Special chess piece. It is describe as a Armed cavalry in King's Army. It is get shaped as a Horse Head in real world. Even though cavalry are the fastest unit in a real world it is bit different in a Chess Board.  Anyway He is showing his Hidden attacks pattern even in Chess board as real World. Each player will get 2 Chess Knights in the beginning. White Knights are located on b1 & g1 and Blacks are located on b8 & g8 respectively.

Chess Knight has a Special move pattern. That is not horizontally nor Vertically niter. Also not diagonally. That is actually 2 Steps. First Step Knight jump 2 Square Distance Horizontally or Vertically. Then jump a single Square Distance to Left or Right. See the image Below.  This is a Single movement. This explain Knight has a special movement pattern that all other Chess pieces.

Knight Movement

White Knight in the image shows his attacking power. He can Attack in 8 positions. The most Special fact is that Knight is a Jumper. He will not care about other chess pieces on the Road. it needs to be Empty or Enemy's Chess pieces on any of doted Square He can travel without considering all other facts.

Chess Knight is used in fork Attacks in Chess board very Frequently. He is the Most popular attacker in for fork attacks. Whenever Knight comes to play into the ground we have to very careful with his fork attacks.

Knight has same price to a Chess Bishop. Knight has not a long range but bishop has that. Even though Bishop can cover only a single color and Half of the board. But Knight can reach to any square. But it may be too late.

Another special fact is that When a Knight make a Check it must move the King or it must capture that Knight. We can not block him attacking path. If we get a Check attack from a bishop or a Rook we can block those attacks by using any of chess piece without moving the King. But that is not happening with Knight Attacks.

Knight is the Only one who can challenge to the Queen. Queen can't attack back or capture Knight at once.  Also keep in mind that Chess Knight is getting killed or trapped easily.


September 21, 2012

Chess Queen - (Chess pieces)

Chess Queen 

Chess Queen Chess Queen is the most powerful chess piece in a Chess board. Actually She is a Combination of Rook & Bishop. So She can Travel through rows or Columns and Diagonally as well. Each player will have a Queen in the beginning of a game & She is next to the King. That is just as real World. Not Like King She owns her Color. That means her original or initial square is player's own Color. White Queen is in White Square & black Queen is in a Black Square. Also White Queen start with d1 & Black Queen start with d8 squares.   Normally we say that Queen Greater than Bishop - Castle Combination. Yes That is true. In the End Game Queen become a massive attacker. She can Check King for Continues Steps Until get Finished. So Normally Player are not going to keep opponent's Queen in the Board for Long time. All knows When She get a chance she will go for a KILL. Therefor most player used to exchange Queen in the beginning if they don't have a Great Plan. That is somewhat safer than Keeping Her silent.

Also we say that 2 Rooks are more powerful than a Queen. But Still There are significant benefits with having a Queen than a 2 Rooks.   

 This image shows a Chess Queens possible moves. Same as other Chess pieces (other than Knight) Queen also can't jump over any piece. Her travel Ends with any chess piece in her path. As you can see the image Chess Queen has a massive attack range all over the chess board.   Chess Queen is well equipped with Chess fork. (Fork is a double attack. This will be Describe  in a separate post.)

So When board get open too much She becomes a vulnerable unit.  Due to this points She became a target. Also novice players get killed their Queen in early Stage. There are several reasons for that. Anyway Experienced Players just keep Her Silence in the Start.   When Compare with Queen  with King is same possible moves in Direction. But King has power to travel  only 1 Square distance.  Keep in Mind Chess Queen made lots of Stalemates. That means a Draw. Sometimes you almost win the game but Queen has crush it.


September 17, 2012

Chess Bishop - (Chess pieces)

Chess Bishop

Bishop is a Chess Piece in a Chess board. There are 4 bishops in a chess board & each player has 2 bishops in the Start. White bishops are located in c1 & f1 and Black bishops are located in c8 & f8. One bishop is in between King & Knight & other one is in between Queen & Knight. So we called them as Advisers for King & Queen. Always next to them. Bishop is a special chess piece which can't reach all of the squares in a Chess board. Each player has 2 bishops and we called then Black bishop & White Bishop without considering player color and only considering the Start square color. So White player has 2 color or 2 color controlled 2 bishops. So White bishop travels only in white Squares & black Bishop travels in black Squares. Keep in mind that is not Player's color but the travelling square Color.   We normally called them King's Bishop & Queen's Bishop. Also one bishop can cover Only a haft of the board

Chess Bishop's movementsBelow image is Describing about Bishop's is movements. He always travel in diagonally. Because He has access to travel in only one color.   Black bishop's maximum travel length is comer to corner. That is b1 to h8 as the image. also for White bishops will be h1 to a8. Same as most chess pieces bishop also can't jump over other chess pieces.

We normally say that Rook is more powerful than a Bishop. But Bishop is more powerful than a Knight. Bishop is a called a minor Chess piece. But he is more powerful in the End game. There is some stories with wrong Bishop. That means we need King's Bishop but we have Queen's Bishop. So that leads to a Draw just  because of this wrong Bishop matter. it is Better to keep in mind both Bishops are important. So don't exchange for Knights without having a plan.

In some games it will ends up with opposite color bishops. That makes very hard for the Defender. Also Some times Knights get better in Double attack called Fork.  Fork will be discussed in another post.

September 13, 2012

Basic Rule of Chess (Very Important Rules)

This is not something about Rules of Chess pieces. This is about how to capture a Square. As we all know that in Checkers we have to jump over a piece to remove(Cut) a piece. Always we are travelling in diagonal directions. But in Chess we have pieces which can Jump & which can't Jump. The process of removing a enemy piece is not depending on Jump or not Jump.

We have to get the control of occupation on Square. That means if we need to remove any enemy piece in any Square we have to move our chess piece into that Square. And remove the enemy piece & keep your piece instead. Captured or Removed piece will be out from the Board.

a Chess piece movements
Only Knight can jump over pieces. Other pieces has to move horizontally, vertically or diagonally. When they are travelling the Road should be clear. There should not be any pieces from either yours or opponents. If you found any and if that piece is your you maximum distance will be End before that Chess piece. But if the piece is your Enemy's one They either you can capture the piece & conquer that Square or you just stay below maximum Distance.

Other special Rule is that it is not necessary to capture enemy piece even we have a chance. That means it is not mandatory to capture or Cut enemy piece when you have chance. But in Checker it is a must to Cut or remove enemy piece. That is not true in Chess. This is an special feature in Chess. Normally we Defend rather than capturing as first Step.

In above image Queen can't travel beyond Knight position & Max distance will be Knights Square in that Direction. But White Queen can stop in any Square under blue Arrow. since no pieces are blocking her road.


September 12, 2012

Chess King Castling (Special Move)

Chess King Castling 

In the Chess Game we have a special action called "Castling". for Castling we need to obey few rules. Chess Castling it used Chess King & Rook.We have 2 Rooks on the board & we can do Castling with any Rook. But we are allowed to do a single Castling process or a action for a game. Also this is only movement we can move 2 chess pieces together at-once. So this is really special movement. There are advantages & disadvantages in this process. Also this is not a mandatory action need to be perform on a Chess game.

In some Stories it says that Castling is the process which maps with Kings escape. That means King is jumping over the castle to other side. It describe a King is escaping from the Kingdom through castle when Enemy has got attacked. Anyway When castling happens both Rooks are same side & king is bit safe depending on the situation.

Here comes the Rules:

  • The king has not previously moved. Should be in Original Location.
  • The chosen rook has not previously moved.Should be in Original Location.
  • There are no pieces between the king and the chosen rook. Clear Road needed.
  • The king is not currently in check. No attack from enemy at the moment.
  • The king does not end up in check.For sure this should be.
  • The king does not pass through a square that is under attack by enemy pieces.
  • The king and the chosen rook are on the same Row.This is true with first 2 get True.
  • Rook can be under Attacked
Chess Castling
We have 2 type of castling. King side castling & Queen side castling. When we use King's Side Rook it is called King Side Castling &  when we use Queen's Side Rook it is called Queen Side Castling . In Both cases King will be move in 2 Squares distance. Different distance will be for Rooks. anyway King will be end up with c1 or g1 for White Player. This is clearly Describe on the image here. it shows both Black & White sides and King & Queen Side Castling.
In this game White is doing an castling in King side when rook Ge attacked by bishop as well. it is possible. Keep in mind that.This is major mistake doing by player by having wrong idea.

Only King should not be get attacked. 


September 11, 2012

Chess Rook - (Chess pieces)

Chess Rook

Chess Rook

Chess Rook is a major piece in a Chess board and very powerful in End Game. In General we called it "Castle".  Rook is joining with the King for Castling process which is a special move in Chess game. That is the Only move we use in Chess which moves 2 chess pieces at-once. In a Chess board it has 4 Rooks which are 2 White & 2 Black in colors. White Rook original locations are a1 & h1 and Black rook original locations are h1 & h8. Actually those squares are the corners of a Chess boards. Rook travel in horizontally & vertically in a chess board. He can't jump over any chess piece. But he will do this in Special move which is called "Castling" which I have mentioned above. So this means Rook or castle can travel faraway at once. Maximum  travel distance will be 8 Squares. That is from one Boarder to Other boarder with a Clear Road.

Chess Rook
In the below image shows about Rooks Travel paths. Normally we called Rook as a Major piece. most of players consider rook is almost equal to Queen. Queen is the most powerful piece in a Chess board. Therefore we already get alarmed when Queen is moving. But that won't happens with Rook. Also Rook is coming to play in the End Game. it will get 5 points in Chess Score board for a Castle. That shows Rook has a major role. When Chasing a pawn This is the best chess piece in End Game. He can cover full row in Single move. So it is very hard to escape from Rook with End game.

September 10, 2012

Chess King - (Chess pieces)

Chess King

Chess King

King is the most important chess pieces in a chess board. There are 2 kings in a Chess board & each belongs to each player. A player who plays White will has a white king & player who plays black will has a black King. Although King is the most important piece in a chess board it is very weak piece. Normally Chess King has a Cross on top of the piece as in the image. Also normally King is the tallest chess piece in a Chess board. Shape is almost closer with Queen other than Cross (+) Sing.

In the game Primary Objective is that to capture the opponent's King. When even Opponent's King been threaten you have to say "Check" to inform about that. So opponent will have a change to escape or protect his King. When the opponent's King can;t move to safe place or can't protect Game will be over. That is called "Check mate". Game objective has achieved.

White King's Start position will be e1 & Black King's is e8. King is always next to Queen at the Start stage of the game. The Chess King can move to a single square distance in any Direction (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) if that square is not checked by opponent. This is described in below image. in the image king is located in e4. Now He can move to any location by 1 Square. That means in all 8 directions since no black pieces around him to make him check.

Chess Guide - Kings Movements

One of the most important fact about Chess is that we can move our own piece to a square which is already occupied by our own piece.This is true for King piece as well. if we have our own piece on e3. then we can't move King to that position. But if that was a opponent's one Then you can remove him & cap occupy if that is not checked by another piece.

Basic Rule:

If we need to remove any opponent piece from the board we have to capture that piece's square by reaching or moving to that same square. Not like in checker, we are not going to jump over the pieces (Other than Chess Knight).Always a square is belongs to a current occupier. This can be a chain of attacks for a single square.

Next post will be about King Castling. Important fact in later stage game.


September 9, 2012

Chess Board Details (Positions, Coordinates)


Chess Board contains 64 squares and arranged in 8 X 8 (eight-by-eight) grid. It is shown in the image. it starts from a to h in bottom & 1 to 8 from left side. This is called "algebraic chess notation".
By using these 2 digits it can identify each square uniquely.

For Example:
a1 is the left- bottom corner square.
h1 is the right-bottom corner.
a8 is left top corner
Always coordinates comes in (xi) pair.
x - says which column
i - says which row

This coordinates should get identify & get familiar for booking the process. it will be easy to track back your movements easily. Anyway that is not mandatory to become a good player. most of the software applications do this for you. You only needs to understand what that is.

Let's look the Chess pieces positions. It is described in the next image. First row is for major Chess pieces. Second row is for pawns also called soldiers. As in real war They are the basic defense for major Chess pieces. There will be 8 pawns in the Second row. First movement will be one of the pawn in a Chess game most of the time. e2 pawn is playing major role in most of the opening.

Default Locations for each Chess pieces as below.

  • a1 - Rook 
  • b1 - Knight 
  • c1 - Bishop
  • d1 - Queen
  • e1 - King 
  • f1 - Bishop
  • g1 - Knight 
  • h1 - Rook

Some points  about this arrangement is that always Kings are in wrong Color square. That means White King is in Black square & Black in White Square. But Queens are in Same Color Square as the Payers Colors. Other Major pieces are in bot colors. For Example it have 2 Knights one is in Black & other is in White Square.
Also both players Major Pieces are located Directly in the initial stage. That means King to King in Direct Squares.

Next posts will be about each Chess pieces.

September 8, 2012

History of chess – Chess Origin

Chess History is driven for 1500 years back. It was origin in India. There was a Empire called Gupta & History says that He was the man who used Chess in Wars. Anyway Chess has a very old History. After India Chess had spread over to Europe with Muslims. It was 15th century. Then modern chess tournament has Started on 19th century. And the first world Chess Championship was held in 1886.

There is a story with the origin related to this chess pieces. it was called Chaturanga. Chathuranga is a Sanskrit word. it means to 4 kinds of military units. They are infantry, cavalry, elephantry, and chariotry. With these 4 Units they fought in the battle. Each of those units represent pieces that into the modern pawn, knight, bishop, and rook, respectively. Each unit has unique ability as them in real world.

By using these Chess pieces it needs to capture Enemy King. That was the Game & real plan of the war. it is called “Check Mate”. in the game it needs to say “Check”  before get him check mate. Those rules started after modern Chess. However modern Chess has started around 1400 and it has become a sport in 1851.


September 7, 2012

What is Chess?

Chess is a board game & can be played by 2 players. Chess is one of the world’s most popular game. is a Normally we called that board as Chessboard & it contains 64 squares and arranged in 8 X 8 (eight-by-eight) grid. It is almost same as checker board only difference is that the size. Most of people play Chess for Fun. Now it has become to play tournaments  Chess was originated in India and it is an ancient strategy game. (Chess History Will be addressed by a separate post).

Each player will have 16 chess pieces. These Chess pieces will be in 2 colors. Mainly it is Black & White. But in boards it is White & Brown. Anyway  it needs to be be differ one from another. These 16 pieces contain one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each of the piece have unique movement Styles. This will be describe in a Future Post.

Welcome Chess Guide

This will be a Chess guide for Beginners. It will move with series of articles related to chess playing. Mostly for Newcomers & Beginners. Also there will be some articles about Chess History. How it has begun & how it has developed. Current situation about Chess & World Ranking the Places you can play Chess online & Free. What will be the basic Rules & Trip & Tricks will be a bit of large sections which flow through with several articles.

  • Hello Chess
  • History
  • How to play Chess
  • Basic Requirements
  • Advanced Topics
  • Most popular games
  • Trips & Tricks
  • And more & More

Most of the articles will be from my past experiences. That means them are real not just theories. So it might be FUN to read others activities while learning Chess.